Ordering Products

Products may be ordered through this website or by e-mail to info@dreamerch.com.

Dreamerch also accepts back orders on out of stock items. You need only send us an e-mail detailing which items you would like. We will order the item from our supplier and only charge you when we are ready to ship it to you.

When multiple items are purchased, 1.00 US Dollar will be refunded for each item after the first (e.g. buying two items will result in a refund of one dollar, buying five will result in a refund of four, etc.).


Shipping and Combined Shipping Policies

All US orders have free shipping and ship via either USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail depending on volume.

Different shipping may be arranged via e-mail by contacting Dreamerch@dreamerch.com. Please supply your PayPal address when arranging an order in this fashion so as to ensure quick processing of your order.

During checkout for international buyers, the shipping price a customer will see is calculated as if each item were shipped separately. When a customer pays for multiple items, he or she will be refunded a portion of their original payment based on the money saved with combined shipping (if applicable). Note: combined shipping discounts cannot be given for manual payment.

Customers are encouraged to buy multiple items all at once so as to save money. Non-US buyers, please keep in mind there is a weight limit of 4 lbs./1.8 kg for USPS First Class International shipping. In the event the weight of your order requires Priority Mail International and you have not paid postage in full, we will invoice you for the remainder prior to shipping.


International Buyers and Customs

Dreamerch understands the extra price tag that customs fees or import VATs can impose on a buyer, but it is committed to satisfying all legal obligations. As such, please do not ask that the value of a shipment be understated or marked as a “gift” to avoid fees.

Customers are responsible for paying any customs fees, import VAT, or other fees once it arrives in their country of origin.

As previously mentioned, in the event excess shipping charges are paid, the difference will be refunded to the buyer in addition to any other refunds.


Return Policy

In the event a customer is dissatisfied with an item, they may return it within two weeks. Dreamerch will refund a customer’s money upon receipt of a returned item. The customer will be reimbursed for the face value of the item only. The customer is responsible for return shipping fees.


Privacy Policy

Any and all information that Dreamerch collects from you will be used solely for processing payment and shipping. Dreamerch will not sell, give, or otherwise disclose this information to any third parties with the exception of: payment providers; shipping providers; and legal authorities in the course of law.